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35,000 Story Views and almost 20K Likes once again.

35,000 Story Views and almost 20K Likes once again.

My Makeup page is beginning to gain attraction again after loosing huge amount of followers lol.
Months back i got focused on Clients Instagram and was posting once in few days.
And later on i noticed i was almost at 55, 000 followers , then it started dropping down to 51K Followers.
I had to do something, and it’s Simple.
1. I went back and got the hashtags that worked for me in the past and i reused it consistently.
2. I increased my posting to 5-6 times a day.
3. Started posting on Reels, yes Reels helps a whole lot. Especially if you want to rank on Explore, it’s sooo much easier now with Reels. One video a day use same hashtags that worked for you in the past as well.
4. I started re posting old stories that went viral for me in the past with with polls.
These are the tools i used:
Viralspy (i use this to find viral contents from other pages)
Postable (to schedule contents in advance so i don’t slack. It can get tiring with 6-7 posts a day lol)
I hope this helps someone, it takes time but should help you get your page back in a matter of weeks. Thanks a lot

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